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2012-2013 Course Catalog 
2012-2013 Course Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Special Programs

Comedy Studies: A Semester at The Second City™

The Theater Department of Columbia College Chicago and The Second City™ have created a semester-long program of courses in the study of comedy which are taught by the experts in comedy at the Second City Training Center in Chicago, with college credit provided by Columbia College Chicago. The program provides a unique opportunity to study full-time at The Second City™, the nation’s center of comedy and satire, for an entire semester.

The Comedy Studies Program is open to any college undergraduate with a minimum of junior-level status who has a demonstrated interest in performance, comedy writing, and improvisation. All students enrolled in the program take the same full load of 16 credit hours during the 15-week semester. All classes are held at The Second City Training Center in Chicago.

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Critical Encounters

Critical Encounters is an ongoing series of yearlong college-wide examinations of important social issues that focus, challenge, and complicate the thinking of all members of the Columbia College Chicago community. Through the curriculum, class work, co-curricular activities, and a variety of public events such as art exhibitions, performances, and multimedia communications, Critical Encounters will enable faculty, students, staff, and the community to voluntarily collaborate toward a more complex understanding of the role and responsibility of the arts and media in shaping public attitudes, opinions, and knowledge.

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English as an Additional Language (EAL) Program

The English as an Additional Language Program offers curricular and extra-curricular support to Columbia College students whose core literacy instruction occurred in languages other than English through specialized course offerings and individual tutoring. “International” sections of Writing and Rhetoric I and II, College Reading, and Oral Expression are specifically designed to serve a multilingual cohort of students, to build from the global perspectives students bring to the classroom, and to offer EAL support with small class sizes. Individual EAL tutoring is also available through the Columbia College Writing Center.

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High School Summer Institute

The High School Summer Institute is an intensive 3-week program for creative high school students that have completed their sophomore, junior, or senior year of study who want to immerse themselves in the visual, media, and communication arts.  On-campus housing is available for distance and out-of-state students. Students spend the summer exploring their ideas, developing the technical skills that bring their ideas to life, and earning college credit while they’re at it!

High School Summer Institute students study with the same working professionals and scholars who teach Columbia’s undergraduates. Students also hone their craft in Columbia’s state-of-the-art facilities—film and video production and post-production studios, photography labs, animation labs, graphic design labs, dance studios, concert halls, theater stages, radio station, recording facilities, art studios, performance spaces, television studios, and more.

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Honors Program

A Columbia education is rooted in the strength of our Core Curriculum in the Liberal Arts and Sciences, and the Honors Program offers an enhanced LAS Core experience tailored to our students seeking greater academic challenges. Our Honors classes bring together students who have demonstrated an aptitude for learning at a very high level with instructors who are prepared to guide them through hands-on learning in subjects as wide ranging as Vertebrate Paleontology, Victorian Poetry, Quantum Physics, and dozens of other topics. Also, because our Honors classes include students from all of Columbia’s majors in the visual, performing, and media and communication arts, they create opportunities for collaborations and relationships that transcend the classroom.

Any student with a GPA of 3.5 or higher is eligible to enroll in Honors classes. The full Honors Program requires completion of fifteen Honors credits and a cumulative GPA of 3.5 in all classes over the course of your enrollment. Students meeting these requirements will receive the distinction “Honors Program Graduate” on their transcripts upon graduation. Honors courses are listed in the course schedule with the letters “HN” appended to the course number.

If you have any questions about the program, please contact the Office of the Dean of Liberal Arts and Sciences.

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Literacy Program

The Literacy Program offers courses in reading and writing that enhance students’ academic and cultural literacy. The program is also the home of “Sharing Cultures,” a trans-national online collaboration between basic writing courses at Columbia College and Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University in Port Elizabeth, South Africa. The Literacy Program also plans and coordinates the English component of the Bridge program and the department’s retention efforts.

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Semester In L.A.

Semester In L.A. is an opportunity for Columbia College Chicago students to experience the business of Hollywood first hand on a studio lot with industry professionals. It is a five-week immersion program in which the student maintains full-time status through an intensive educational experience. The program is multi-disciplinary and includes Media Arts classes in Film & Video including Directing, Production Design, Screenwriting, and Undergraduate and Graduate Producing, Television courses in both Sitcom Writing and Drama Writing, a Marketing course in Entertainment Marketing, an Entertainment Journalism course, an interdisciplinary Trans Media course, and classes from the school of Fine and Performing Arts in Costume Design and Graduate and Undergraduate Music Composition. J-session classes are also offered in Animation, Acting, and Interactive Arts and Game Design.

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