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2011-2012 Course Catalog 
2011-2012 Course Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Student Resources

Academic Research

Center for Black Music Research

The Center documents, preserves, and disseminates information on the world-wide black musical experience and fulfills the need for a consolidated approach to black music research that incorporates the arts and humanities.

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Center for Community Arts Partnerships

The Center for Community Arts Partnerships (CCAP) was established by Columbia College Chicago to support the college’s mission of civic engagement. CCAP facilitates reciprocal partnerships between the college and community-based organizations and schools to create programs that enhance mutually beneficial teaching, learning, and creativity. Working closely with the Provost’s Office and a number of academic departments, CCAP offers several opportunities for faculty and students to become involved in college-community partnership programs. For example, students who are self-motivated and interested in putting their skills and ideas into practice in a community setting are encouraged to propose independent-study projects that combine the resources of the college and our community partners. Students work with professional artists at partner-organization sites on projects developed in consultation with CCAP staff and faculty advisors according to departmental guidelines.

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Chicago Jazz Ensemble

The Chicago Jazz Ensemble is recognized internationally as one of American’s leading jazz ensembles. Founded in 1965 by distinguished composer and conductor William Russo, the CJE has remained dedicated throughout its history to preserving the innovative tradition of American big band jazz music, performing and reinterpreting the classics of big-band repertoire, while promoting the continuing evolution of the art form by regularly performing and commissioning contemporary works.  As a professional jazz ensemble in residence at Columbia College Chicago, the CJE is equally committed to education, building new audiences and fostering the next generation of American talent by training and mentoring young musicians.

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Columbia College Chicago Press

The Columbia College Chicago Press publishes and disseminates high quality arts related works which foster intellectual and social dialogue and advance the College’s mission of authoring the culture of its times. To do so, the Press publishes works of a pictorial nature which chronicle emerging arts trends of all mediums, the contemporary urban arts scene, and noteworthy social phenomena, as well as scholarly monographs which identify and promote current trends in the humanities, fine arts, arts education, arts integration, teaching artistry and arts policy in general, and works with an emphasis on Chicago and its region. The Press was founded in 1990 as the Center for American Places, which remains an imprint of the Columbia College Chicago Press.

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Ellen Stone Belic Institute for the Study of Women and Gender in the Arts and Media

The Institute works to deepen understanding and appreciation of how issues relating to women, gender, creativity, and community shape social policy, culture, and history. Within this framework, the Institute addresses ideas of access, representation, equity, and participation, as well as race and class, using the arts and media as a central means of research, engagement, public education, and advocacy.  The Institute offers a wide range of public programs, including exhibitions, performances, and discussions, as well as fellowships, research residencies, and student-based curriculum intersections within the College.

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International Programs

The office of International Programs serves as catalyst and facilitator for the creation and development of international opportunities for students and faculty. The office coordinates initiatives aimed at facilitating cultural and professional exchange by building relationships between Columbia and arts institutions around the globe, including exchange programs, conference participation, and study abroad opportunities in many countries throughout the world.

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The Library supports the College and its academic programs by providing access to information resources and teaching students to evaluate and use them. It has a teaching mission, and is committed to preparing our users to be lifelong learners in an information rich society.

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Museum of Contemporary Photography

The Museum presents and interprets photography in all its forms from art to journalism, nationally and internationally, from 1936 to the present.  It holds 8,000 prints in its permanent collection. 

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Learning Studio

The Learning Studio works with students across all majors and at all levels of achievement and abilities to assist them in reaching their academic goals. Key support services are located in one location at 618 S. Michigan Avenue on the first floor. Contact the Learning Studio at 312-369-8130 for more info or visit our website.

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Conaway Achievement Project

The Conaway Achievement Project (CAP) is a TRIO Student Support Services Program funded by the Department of Education and Columbia that assists students who are: first generation college students, of low-income status, and/or a student with a documented disability. CAP offers a variety of services to participants and formalizes an individualized academic plan for each student based on his/her skills and needs.

Departmental Tutoring

The following academic departments offer course-specific tutoring for enrolled students: Journalism; Fiction Writing; Interactive Arts and Media; Television; Music; and Arts, Entertainment, and Media Management.

The Learning Studio has partnered with Arts, Entertainment, and Media Management and Humanities, History, and Social Sciences to offer course-specific tutoring in the Language Studio. Accounting and language tutoring are currently offered.

Placement Testing

Placement testing is undertaken in the Learning Studio during orientation and at other times during the semester. Check the Learning Studio website at www.colum.edu/learningstudio for times.

Science and Mathematic Learning Center

The Science and Mathematic Learning Center works closely with the students enrolled in science and math courses, as well as with students across the curriculum who encounter mathematical and scientific principles in areas such as cinematography, photography, interior architecture, sound engineering, music, marketing, and arts management.

Supplemental Instruction

Supplemental Instruction is an interactive peer study group that teaches students how to learn and what to learn. Sessions are led by students who have been trained to lead these study sessions with their peers. Supplemental Instruction can be offered for courses where students often experience difficulty. SI participants learn study strategies: note taking, graphic organization, questioning techniques, vocabulary acquisition, and test preparation.

Writing Center

The Writing Center provides a supportive, student-centered instructional environment where students of all ability levels work closely with qualified writing consultants to strengthen writing skills. Students receive assistance with course work, as well as with non-academic writing such as résumés, business letters, and creative projects. Special assistance is offered for students with learning disabilities and non-native speakers of English.

Student Affairs

Career Initiatives

The Career Initiatives offices work in tandem to help students find work, now and in the future, and build an impressive body of work.

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Career Development
Offering an online career guide, individual career consulting, and a series of career events, Columbia’s Career Development provides support to students seeking jobs, internships, and more general to build a career in the arts and media.

Portfolio Center
The Portfolio Center is unique to Columbia. It is the only college center dedicated to helping students build and showcase a body of work in the arts and media. Its support services include production help (photography, design, etc.), an online tool for building an online portfolio, and numerous opportunities to hear from and interact with professionals from the arts and media fields.

Student Employment
Student Employment manages the application process through which students can apply to find work on campus. On-campus employment can take the form of either work-study or work-aid positions. Work-study positions are only open to students who have been informed they are eligible for it through their financial aid package. On-campus jobs are posted online at http://www.colum.edu/columbiaworks.

College Advising Center

The College Advising Center helps you identify and take responsibility for your academic and career goals. If you are a new student, you should meet with your college advisor at least once during your first year at Columbia. Students who meet with their college advisor in their first semester tend to do better academically and graduate faster than those who don’t. Continuing students should see their college advisor for help with general academic requirements and personal issues, especially if you are having academic difficulties. Your college advisor will help you navigate Columbia, choose a major, and plan your schedule.

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Counseling Services

The office of Counseling Services is committed to helping students reach their highest academic and personal potential. Our aim is to help students fulfill their educational goals with minimal distractions. We realize that students might encounter difficult situations that could impede their academic, personal, and social progress. Our services are designed to help these students address their concerns and increase their self-awareness while empowering them to manage challenging areas in their lives.

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New Student Programs

 The Office of New Student Programs exists to facilitate everyone’s transition to the Columbia College Chicago community. Most of the time that means new students, but we’re also here for parents and families with questions about their student’s transition to Columbia.

The office hosts orientation, convocation, weeks of welcome and a series programs throughout the year designed to help new students integrate into Columbia’s community.

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Graduate Student Support

The Graduate Admissions and Services Office strives to provide our graduate student community with essential resources and information that support their personal and professional development. We also aim to effectively lead students through important administrative steps which clear the way for the success in the more important aspects of graduate education.

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Health Center

Sickness or injury can occur when you least expect it. So, with your health concerns in mind, Columbia College Chicago has provided you with an on-campus Health Center that will enable you to receive medical attention, or referrals, as soon as possible.

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Multicultural Affairs

Columbia College Chicago is extremely proud of its diverse student body. The Office of Multicultural Affairs encompasses African-American Cultural Affairs, Asian / Asian-American Cultural Affairs, International Student Affairs, Latino Cultural Affairs, and LGBTQ Office of Culture and Community.

The offices are dedicated to serve as advocates for you to explore opportunities and face the challenges of campus life, while providing a safe and supportive environment for you to voice concerns and get advice. This office is a good place to get referrals for campus and community resources, take advantage of services and programs that will enhance your Columbia experience, and get involved in campus life.

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Records Office

The Records Office is responsible for registration and maintenance of academic records and provides the following services: provision of official and unofficial transcripts of the student’s academic record; verification of enrollment and degree awards; management of the College’s immunization program; and notification of changes to the academic record, including grade changes and semester grade reports. The information contained in student records is protected under the Family Education Rights and Privacy Act of 1974, as amended.

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Services for Students with Disabilities

The Services for Students with Disabilities Office (SSD) coordinates support services for students with disabilities and assists in providing successful educational experiences for students with disabilities while you attend Columbia College Chicago. Services for Students with Disabilities provides services for students in need of accommodation based upon the limitations caused by disabilities. The SSD has a dedicated lab with adaptive equipment and software and works with professors to provide in class or other on campus accommodations. The office provides services to all students who self identify and provide verification of thier disability. Students with a disability must register with SSD in order to receive accommodations based upon their disability.

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Student Engagement

The Office of Student Engagement oversees the operations of student organizations at Columbia College Chicago, which include social, political, cultural, athletic, curriculum-based, and special interest undergraduate and graduate groups. The OSE provides support to these organizations in the forms of recognition, funding, training, and professional development opportunities, while also housing the Student Life Advisory Board organizations which include the Student Organizations Council (SOC), the Student Government Association (SGA), the Fitness Athletics and Recreation (FAR), the Residence Hall Association (RHA), and the Student Programming Board (SPB). In addition, OSE manages the operations of the Fitness Center and provides an array of recreational activities which include intramurals, tournaments, and excursions.

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The Student Loop

The Student Loop is the online home of Columbia’s student community. The Loop consists of student news, a calendar of events, the online handbook, a subscriptions page that allows students to manage the emails and text alerts Columbia sends, and a number of interactive features that allow students to vote, share content, submit images and videos to the community and more.

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The Columbia College Chicago bookstore, owned and managed by Follett College Stores Corporation, stocks new and used textbooks for classes each semester, general trade books, supplies, art supplies, clothing, gifts, and college rings. The bookstore is located on the first floor of 624 South Michigan Avenue.

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