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2013-2014 Course Catalog 
2013-2014 Course Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Marketing Communication, BA

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The Marketing Communication program offers concentrations in Advertising, Marketing, and Public Relations.

The core purpose of the department is to educate students in the theory and practices of their chosen field. Our approach not only helps students find their first jobs in their chosen field, but also enables them to climb faster and farther than their counterparts entering the job market from other institutions.

The curriculum is structured to give students versatility by cross-educating them through required courses and suggested electives in the three concentrations. The versatility makes our students more desirable as “hires” in the marketing communications field, where professionals want well-rounded students who have integrated knowledge as well as skills in their specialized concentrations.

Every student can also expect to have the opportunity for an internship with for-profit or nonprofit institutions that will enhance his/her career opportunities. These internships give students the professional experience that greatly enhances their employability and enriches their education.

When students complete the program and achieve the Marketing Communication degree, they can speak the language of the business, understand a multitude of roles and assignments, and qualify for beginning positions as mature, educated participants. Thus, the department of Marketing Communication truly fulfills the mission of the College, that our students are prepared to author the culture of their times.

The Marketing Communication Department offers a post-baccalaureate certification of major, and minors in Marketing Communication and Public Relations.

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In this advertising program students acquire general and specific knowledge about the development of effective advertising strategies and concepts, whether targeted to the overall mass consumer market or selected market segments. Domestic and international in scope, the program is attuned to diversity issues and cultural phenomena. Offering options in account planning, creative, media productions, and general practice, our curriculum immerses students in the study of consumer behavior, media (planning, buying, and selling) copywriting, art direction, sales promotion, direct marketing, and the production of advertising materials. Students are also exposed to ongoing and emerging advertising management and ethical issues from a real-world perspective.

Program Requirements  

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The marketing program empowers students with a solid understanding of marketing, branding, and the marketing process. Our curriculum is informed by an integrated focus on the research based planning, pricing, production, distribution, and promotion of goods and services. Again, from a real-world perspective, students also learn to identify marketing opportunities and challenges, develop viable marketing strategies, implement strategic marketing plans, and assess organizations’ preparedness to support and fulfill the marketing process. The subject of ethics and its implications for the marketing functions are interwoven throughout the curriculum.

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Public Relations

Our curriculum in Public Relations helps students develop theoretical and practical appreciation for mass communication strategies aimed at shaping public perceptions and behaviors toward a product, service, organization, person or issue. Also real world in approach, the Public Relations curriculum teaches students how to analyze public relations issues, and then formulate and implement viable strategies for issue resolution, with an emphasis on ethical implications. Students are taught to write effectively for all media; deploy diverse strategies and tactics in fulfillment of public relations goals; and successfully develop and execute a variety of public relations campaigns.

Program Requirements  

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