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2010-2011 Undergraduate Course Catalog 
2010-2011 Undergraduate Course Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Campus Facilities and Resources

Centers for Arts and Research

Institute for the Study of Women and Gender in the Arts and Media

The goal of the institute includes generating, archiving, researching, responding to, and debating some of the most important issues of society and culture related to women and gender. Through creative work and theory produced and investigated in the disciplines of Columbia College Chicago, the institute works to integrate further understanding and appreciation for women artists; issues about women in the arts and media; gender issues in art production, processes, display, and methodologies; and research in a range of disciplines including visual, performing, literary, design, and media arts. It addresses issues of access, representation, equity, and participation as related to women and gender. The Institute serves as a civic resource for the city and a model of programming, policy, and scholarship. It functions as a convener and a strong voice in the discourse of public policy regarding gender and the visual, performing, and media arts regionally, nationally, and internationally.

Center for Community Arts Partnerships

The Center for Community Arts Partnerships (CCAP) was established by Columbia College Chicago to support the college’s mission of civic engagement. CCAP facilitates reciprocal partnerships between the college and community-based organizations and schools to create programs that enhance mutually beneficial teaching, learning, and creativity. Working closely with the Provost’s Office and a number of academic departments, CCAP offers several opportunities for faculty and students to become involved in college-community partnership programs. For example, students who are self-motivated and interested in putting their skills and ideas into practice in a community setting are encouraged to propose independent-study projects that combine the resources of the college and our community partners. Students work with professional artists at partner-organization sites on projects developed in consultation with CCAP staff and faculty advisors according to departmental guidelines.

Center for Asian Arts and Media

The Center for Asian Arts and Media is dedicated to supporting, promoting, and presenting arts and media programs by and about Asians and Asian Americans. This organization brings together accomplished artists, scholars, and community builders from Chicago and within and outside of the country for lively and reflective artistic programs and events. As the first Asian arts center founded by a college or university in the United States, the Center for Asian Arts and Media has been designed to place Chicago at the forefront of this heightened awareness of Asian and Asian American culture.

Center for Black Music Research

The Center for Black Music Research was established at Columbia College Chicago in 1983. Its purpose is to discover, disseminate, preserve, and promote black music in all its forms, from jazz, blues, gospel, and ragtime to rhythm and blues, opera, and concert works. CBMR Library and Archives provide comprehensive research covering all idioms in black music and is open to students and the general public from 9:00 a.m.–5:00 p.m., Monday through Friday.

Museum of Contemporary Photography

The Museum of Contemporary Photography is the only museum in the Midwest exclusively committed to photography and to the expanding field of image making. Each year, the Museum presents a wide range of provocative programs in recognition of photography’s many roles: as a medium of communication and artistic expression, as a documenter of life and the environment, as a commercial industry, and as a powerful tool in the service of science and technology. It is located at 600 South Michigan.

Campus Buildings

Columbia’s location in Chicago’s South Loop presents students with many attractions and advantages. The physical plant, comprising 1.3 million square feet, includes classrooms, studios, galleries, computer labs, and performance spaces, all containing state-of-the-art equipment, and approximately 2,500 beds in our residence halls. For a complete account of departmental facilities, see the individual department descriptions.

1104 Center (Ludington Building)
1104 South Wabash Avenue

Alexandroff Center (Main Campus Building)
600 South Michigan Avenue

Columbia College Residence Centers
731 South Plymouth Court
640 South Clark Street
59 East Van Buren Street
University Center, 525 South State Street

Congress Building
33 East Congress Parkway

Dance Center
1306 South Michigan Avenue

Theater Building
72 East Eleventh Street

South Campus Building
624 South Michigan Avenue

624 South Michigan Avenue

Music Center
1014 South Michigan Avenue

Sherwood Music Center
1312 South Michigan Avenue

Studio East
1006 South Michigan

Theater and Film Annex
1415 South Wabash Avenue

Media Production Center
1600 South State Street

Wabash Campus Building
623 South Wabash Avenue

Other Campus Buildings
618 South Michigan Avenue
218 South Wabash Avenue
619 South Wabash Avenue
916 South Wabash Avenue
1112 South Wabash Avenue



The Columbia College Chicago bookstore, owned and managed by Follett College Stores Corporation, stocks new and used textbooks for classes each semester, general trade books, supplies, art supplies, clothing, gifts, and college rings. The bookstore is located on the first floor of 624 South Michigan Avenue.

Center for Teaching Excellence

The Center for Teaching Excellence supports the continuing efforts of all Columbia faculty members to become more informed, confident, creative, and reflective practitioners of the art of teaching, thereby enhancing the quality of learning for a diverse community of students. For more information, call 312-369-7424 or visit the Web site at www.colum.edu/cte.

Center for Instructional Technology

The Center for Instructional Technology provides leadership in exploring and promoting new technologies that enhance teaching and learning at Columbia. The activities of the center support faculty and staff in the creative implementation of technology across the curriculum. Some of these activities include workshops, discussion groups and forums, the Technology Fellows program, individual faculty projects, support for interdisciplinary collaborations, Web-related services, and support for distance learning. The Center addresses the needs of the entire faculty, from the novice to the most advanced user.

Records Office

The Records Office is responsible for registration and maintenance of academic records and provides the following services: provision of official and unofficial transcripts of the student’s academic record; verification of enrollment and degree awards; management of the College’s immunization program; and notification of changes to the academic record, including grade changes and semester grade reports. The information contained in student records is protected under the Family Education Rights and Privacy Act of 1974 (P.L. 93-380, sect. 515), as amended (P.L. 93-568, sect. 2).

Learning Studio

The Learning Studio works with students across all majors and at all levels of achievement and abilities to assist them in reaching their academic goals. Key support services are located in one location at 618 S. Michigan Avenue on the first floor. Contact the Learning Studio at 312-369-8130 for more info or visit our website www.colum.edu/learningstudio.

Conaway Achievement Project

The Conaway Achievement Project (CAP) is a TRIO Student Support Services Program funded by the Department of Education and Columbia that assists students who are: first generation college students, of low-income status, and/or a student with a documented disability. CAP offers a variety of services to participants and formalizes an individualized academic plan for each student based on his/her skills and needs.

Science and Mathematic Learning Center

The Science and Mathematic Learning Center works closely with the students enrolled in science and math courses, as well as with students across the curriculum who encounter mathematical and scientific principles in areas such as cinematography, photography, interior architecture, sound engineering, music, marketing, and arts management.

Supplemental Instruction

Supplemental Instruction is an interactive peer study group that teaches students how to learn and what to learn. Sessions are led by students who have been trained to lead these study sessions with their peers. Supplemental Instruction can be offered for courses where students often experience difficulty. SI participants learn study strategies: note taking, graphic organization, questioning techniques, vocabulary acquisition, and test preparation.

Writing Center

The Writing Center provides a supportive, student-centered instructional environment where students of all ability levels work closely with qualified writing consultants to strengthen writing skills. Students receive assistance with course work, as well as with non-academic writing such as résumés, business letters, and creative projects. Special assistance is offered for students with learning disabilities and non-native speakers of English.

Departmental Tutoring

The following academic departments offer course-specific tutoring for enrolled students: Journalism; Fiction Writing; Interactive Arts and Media; Television; Music; and Arts, Entertainment, and Media Management.

Placement Testing

Placement testing is undertaken in the Learning Studio during orientation and at other times during the semester. Check the Learning Studio website at www.colum.edu/learningstudio for times.

The Learning Studio has partnered with Arts, Entertainment, and Media Management and Humanities, History, and Social Sciences to offer course-specific tutoring in the Language Studio. Accounting and language tutoring are currently offered.

Multimedia Student Art Centers

The centers listed below complement Columbia College Chicago’s academic programs and enhance the overall experience of its students by providing an environment in which students can exhibit, perform, and review their selected art forms. Programming in the centers focuses on showcasing student talent and professional artists.

C-33 Gallery

Located at 33 E. Congress, C-33 is a gallery space for students to gather and have events that have no technical needs.

A + D Gallery

Located at 619 South Wabash, A + D presents professional exhibitions and educational programming that focuses on the process and the development of ideas into art.

Glass Curtain Gallery

Located at 1104 S. Wabash, this 2,200 square-foot space welcomes Columbia’s resident artists, students, alumni, and non-Columbia professional artists to exhibit a variety of contemporary media in a professional environment.

Hokin Center

Located at 623 South Wabash, the Hokin Center is a coffeehouse/gallery/performance space with an annex equipped with stage, lighting, and sound system. It also houses the Hokin Gallery and the In-the-Works Gallery, two multimedia art venues that allow students to exhibit their work.

Conaway Center

Located at 1104 South Wabash, Conaway Center is a multilevel coffeehouse/computer lab/study lounge/performance space equipped with stage, greenroom, lighting, and sound system.

Center for Book and Paper Arts

The Center for the Book and Paper Arts, located at 1104 South Wabash, is devoted to all the arts and crafts related to handmade paper and books. In addition to the new, modern studios for papermaking, letterpress printing, and bookbinding, the Center is equipped with a large, double, well-lit gallery space that features works of nationally known book and paper artists.

Dance Center

The Dance Center of Columbia College Chicago, located at 1306 South Michigan, is nationally recognized as Chicago’s most active presenter of contemporary dance.

Fashion Columbia Study Collection

The Fashion Columbia Study Collection preserves garments and accessories representative of 20th-century men’s and women’s Western fashion and ethnic or non-Western costumes, while providing a research facility for faculty, students, and fashion professionals. Viewed by appointment only, the collection is located in 618 South Michigan.

New Multi-Media Gallery

Located at 618 South Michigan, the New Multi-Media Gallery provides space for the latest in multi-media presentations.

Critical Encounters

Critical Encounters is an ongoing series of yearlong college-wide examinations of important social issues that focus, challenge, and complicate the thinking of all members of the Columbia College Chicago community. Through the curriculum, class work, co-curricular activities, and a variety of public events such as art exhibitions, performances, and multimedia communications, Critical Encounters will enable faculty, students, staff, and the community to voluntarily collaborate toward a more complex understanding of the role and responsibility of the arts and media in shaping public attitudes, opinions, and knowledge. For more information, see colum.edu/criticalencounters.

Anchor Graphics

Anchor Graphics, located at 623 South Wabash, 2nd floor, is a not-for-profit fine art printshop.